The Sunday Times Magazine: Honey I Trapped Your Husband

How do you prove your other half is cheating on you? Our reporter find out as she steps into the seductive world of the honeytrappers



Marie gets sexier by the second, the more I obsess. Dark-haired, slinky, submissive, “petite”, an ardent fan of Liverpool FC. She is a walking checklist of things I am not; and things I worry my boyfriend wants in his bed. Bad news for me. Because tonight Marie is going to try to sleep with him.In my head this plays out like softcore porn: the scene where they meet in the bar, she slips her hand on his knee. Fast-forward to the part where they are entwined on the dance floor, she’s dry-humping his leg and inviting him home. Or maybe, just maybe, he will turn her down. Either way, there’s no money shot. Because Marie is a honeytrap, hired by me. And for only £350 she’s not going to shag him.

Oprah Winfrey, who outed the honeytrap on her show, paraded the American-named Check-A-Mate: models hired by housewives to chat up their (potentially) cheating husbands. Oprah gasped: What a “devious trick”! “Pretty sneaky and downright desperate”. The private detective Richard Martinez pricked up his ears.

He claims his agency Expedite became the first in Britain to offer the honeytrap. He ignited a clusterbomb and business exploded. Now it’s not just women enticing husbands, but teenage cougar-catchers, seductive MILFs, glamorous grannies, men catching girlfriends, and boys catching boyfriends. The virtual world Second Life even hires virtual femmes fatales. Once a cold war espionage device, the agent provocateur has been reconsigned to modern Britain.

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