Justin vs Orlando: Boys, boys, is she worth getting in a flap over?



It does not say much for Ibiza’s fashionable party-island reputation that Justin Bieber holidays there. Or, for that matter, that the nightlife bored him so much that he wandered into the Cipriani restaurant onTuesday night and started a fight with Orlando Bloom.

The grainy images of the two A-list stars having a bitchfight, dressed in white like two choirboys, landed them on front pages around the world.

So what happened? In the best version Bieber swaggered into Cipriani — a restaurant with the personality of an outpatient ward — and shouted “What’s up, bitch?” at Bloom as he had dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Then the picture muddies. In one version of events Bieber then smirked: “She was good.” In another it was: “Say hi to Miranda.”

Either way, he was referring to Bloom’s former wife, Miranda Kerr, an Australian Victoria’s Secret model and professional Instagram narcissist who Bieber may or may not have slept with after flirting with her backstage at a 2012 catwalk show.

As Bieber wandered away grinning, Bloom bolted across the restaurant, hurdling a sofa, and presumably puncturing its “simple luxury, relaxed sophistication and timeless elegance” vibe, and threw a punch at Bieber.

The crowd loved it. In fact, going for Bieber reportedly earned Bloom a standing ovation from DiCaprio and other diners in the restaurant, who included P Diddy and Lindsay Lohan.

The applause must have been thrilling for Bloom, whose last big-budget movie, Kingdom of Heaven, flopped and who was once described by a critic as “rigor mortis on film”.

“When Orlando punched Bieber, everyone started clapping,” said the Spanish model Anastasia Skolkova, 20, having watched the performance unfold from her table. “Everything was quiet and then suddenly people had cameras out. Then it was like dinner with a show.

You can read the FULL ARTICLE here: http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/newsreview/features/article1441760.ece

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