Sunday Times Column: All I want is fun, fun, fun

You know what’s really been lost in the age of the smart phone? The fun of shoving someone into a pool. The digital age might bring its own perks and pleasures, but one thing it has killed is spontaneous thrills.

Sure, we might be able to WhatsApp each other, Uber across town, get into Orange Wednesdays, then find a secret pop-up restaurant via Hype. But what happened to the joy of popping to the shops, bumping into a mate, then five hours later finding yourself in a nightclub holding your Tesco carrier bags on the dance floor?

Pop-ups and “secret” events are the latest buzzwords: we’re so hyper-organised about fun these days, we’ve been forced to build a pseudo-element of randomness into our nights.

Do millennials even know how to have fun? Let’s take a step back: do we know what fun is? Maybe that’s the problem — and the point. That fun is a phantasmagoria of ever-changing ideas. As soon as you try to capture it, it’s gone.

That’s why organised fun is rubbish and you should never go on a night out with people who always book the same table in the same restaurant at the same time and pre-order the cab home. This is why stand-up comedians are awful and New Year’s Eve always sucks (my mates call it amateurs’ night). Because fun isn’t something you can arrange or force on someone.


1 thought on “Sunday Times Column: All I want is fun, fun, fun

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