The Sunday Times: Caroline Wozniacki – game, set, but no match


Believe by Cher is Caroline Wozniacki’s favourite karaoke song. As I’m sure you know, the chorus goes something like this: “Do you believe in life after love?” It’s what Caroline sings when she is in a booth rocking out with Serena Williams, which is something they do a lot, while travelling the world.

Perhaps it is trite to psychoanalyse a tennis player by their favourite song, but with Wozniacki it doesn’t feel too much of a stretch. She lives by aphorisms, and during the time we spend together, she peppers her conversation with them: “pain is temporary but pride lasts for ever”; “impossible is nothing”; “great things never come easy and things that come easy are never great”.

“I love motivational quotes,” she says. Posters spouting them used to cover the walls of the gym where she worked out. She says that when she ran out of energy they would make her “give that extra 10%”. One of her favourites is “work hard now, live the rest of your life like a champion”. That sounds like a mantra, I say. She grins. “It is.”

Does she believe in life after love? For her, more than most, it’s an apposite question. Even if you are not interested in tennis, Wozniacki’s story is compelling.

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