The Sunday Times column: Help! Save me from the eco warriors with their licence to behave badly


Hear that noise? That’s the sound of my flatmate sorting through my rubbish. Winding me up with every provocative crunch as she scrunches past old magazines, sorts through discarded chewing gum, searching for items she can point out I have not recycled. Is this ostentatious effort by the Greenpeace Gestapo meant to save the planet or irritate me? Either way, the next sound you’ll be hearing is a fight.

It’s trendy to be eco. Environmental awareness has snuck onto the catwalk, catapulted not by a newfound concern for the rainforest, but as part of a moral vanity project.

Now being “with it” means not so much caring, but being seen to be concerned: by buying sustainable fashion, eating vegan and holidaying in environmentally conscious hotels. Never mind how insultingly expensive your recycled couture might be to the underpaid workers who made it, or whether the five-star resort you’re staying in, with ethically reclaimed lightbulbs, still needs a daily bedsheet change.

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