The Sunday Times: Rachel McAdams – too hot to handle


Could the careers of two actresses have gone in more different directions than those of Rachel McAdams and her Mean Girls co-star Lindsay Lohan? After the 2004 film became an instant cult classic, Lohan and McAdams quickly became Hollywood’s most sought-after starlets. But while Lohan, ironically cast as sweet, clueless Cady, grew up to become a Sunset Boulevard wild child, later redeemed by Oprah, McAdams took a different path. Having played the prom-queen nightmare Regina George, she skipped off to romcom land to play dreamy crushes, deliberately swerving the limelight when she could.

On the back of Mean Girls’ success, McAdams appeared in three blockbusters in 18 months: The Notebook, The Time Traveller’s Wife and the frat-tastic Wedding Crashers, which has grossed more than $200m at the box office. But as the clamour grew, she did a sudden about-face, turning down roles in The Devil Wears Prada, Casino Royale and Mission: Impossible III. Then she walked out of Vanity Fair’s Oscar-season cover shoot, also featuring Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley, when she learnt they were to be photographed nude. Following that, she decided to take a year out to “regroup”. For a while she disappeared.

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