The Sunday Times Column: the social media bullies are going too far


Now everyone is already famous for 15 minutes, in the future we’ll all be humiliated for an hour as well. I get to be publicly derided most weeks, and along with the compliments comes the bile: the criticism, the outrage and the trolls.

I’ve no sympathy for people in the public eye who complain about this stuff (myself included). No one admits it, but the attention can be quite fun: people are talking about you! Even if they’re saying you’re a ****. It’s like overhearing a roomful of people gossiping about you: awful, yet compelling.

Besides, as we know, all publicity is good publicity. Social-media condemnation made household names of Katie Hopkins and Samantha Brick; the viral flogging that feminists gave Protein World’s Beach Body campaign only ended up boosting the product’s sales. But viral attacks are altogether different, and crueller, when aimed at private individuals.

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