The Sunday Times: Spalding murder: girl and boyfriend killed mother after she tried to separate them

Elizabeth Edwards, who was stabbed to death by her 14-year-old daughter’s boyfriend at her home in Lincolnshire last year, had tried to separate the couple.

This weekend, after judges lifted a ban on naming Britain’s youngest double-killers, their complex relationship can be revealed.

Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham were both 14 when they killed Edwards, 49, and Kim’s sister Katie, 13, at the family home in Spalding.

Lucas slashed their throats as they slept. Then he and Kim bathed to wash off the blood and watched Twilight vampire films.

Edwards had been concerned from the outset by Kim’s relationship with Lucas, who had been excluded from school.

“Kim’s grades were suffering,” said Jane Blandford, a friend. Edwards grounded Kim and banned Lucas from the house. In defiance, the couple ran away in 2015 for almost a week.

During another row, days before the murders, Kim and Lucas had barricaded themselves in his bedroom.

In court, psychiatrist Dr Philip Joseph said the pair had killed because they felt Kim’s mother was trying to split them up. He compared the teenagers to “Bonnie and Clyde”, but they seem to have seen themselves as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, characters from Twilight, whose parents disapproved of their relationship.

Kim, with a history of self-harm and attempted suicide, told police the relationship made her “happy for once . . . It was the closest I’ve ever felt to anyone”.

She held a grudge after her mother hit her in the face when she was eight.

Kim was also jealous of the relationship her younger sister Katie, “the angel”, had with her mother.



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