The Sunday Times: Katie Glass Reviews Olaplex, A Repair Treatment For Hair

This week’s beauty guinea pig, Katie Glass, gives her bleached hair some love with an in-salon hair treatment.

The USP Olaplex is the first treatment that is said to repair broken bonds in your hair. This means if, like me, you have blonde ambitions, you can keep bleaching your Cinderella locks without looking like a scarecrow.

How does it work? Currently my hair is a sorry combination of grown-out balayage and sunburnt ends, with enough frizz to rival that time Monica looked like she’d had a perm in Friends. Still, wildly optimistic, I hope using Olaplex means I can force my hair through another round of colouring without it breaking off in my hands.

Poor Barry, the senior technician at Radio Salon in east London, looked desperately at my crispy split ends and warned me not to expect immediate results. Olaplex isn’t a quick fix. Unlike normal conditioning treatments, which smooth hair superficially, it works from the inside out, building bonds to add strength. Barry calls Kim Kardashian Olaplex’s unofficial ambassador, because it’s how she keeps her hair in such great condition, while subjecting it to constant colouring.

What does it feel like? In the salon, Olaplex is a two-step treatment. If you are planning to add LA beach-blonde balayage to dark brown hair, brace yourself for five hours in the chair. First, the treatment is mixed into the bleach, then added to the highlight foils. The second round of Olaplex is applied all over, then washed out. There’s a version for home use that involves a less faffy application, but has fewer active ingredients.



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